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How the Bible Equips Us to Face Sin and Suffering Together

       Life is hard—certainly, we have all experienced that over the last couple of years. But
even under “normal” circumstances, life is hard. Sometimes, this is because of our own sin, as
the consequences of our choices impact our lives and the lives of those around us. Other times,
life is hard because suffering comes into our lives seemingly for no reason at all. Either way, we
have all experienced the pain of living in a broken world.

       As Christians, it’s important for us to understand how the Bible meets us in these
difficulties. In this conference, we want to look at the practical help and hope the Scriptures offer
us as we navigate the messiness of life, and we want to grow in our ability to walk with one
another as we follow Jesus through the ups and downs we inevitably experience. As we do that,
we’ll look specifically at the issues of anger, grief, depression, and anxiety as case studies that
illustrate the broader principles of how God’s word addresses the hard realities of life. 
Our hope for this conference is to be “transformed” as we see how the Bible equips us to face sin and suffering


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Brad serves as the Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church in  Durham, NC. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition, has authored several books including God’s Attributes: Rest for Life’s Struggles, and served as general editor for the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused ( project. For more information about Dr Hambrick or resources visit his website at

DR. Brad Hambrick

Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church

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