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Every Wednesday night after LIFE, this page will let you know what we talked about that night, the songs we sang, and some discussion questions that you can go over with your students. 

Love > Self

Tonight we continued our 6-week study on having a relationship with Jesus, not just a rules based religion.  

Session 2 was titled Love > Self


> Living Hope

> I Stand Amazed in the Presence

Main Points:

> When you make something other than Jesus central, that's idolatry

> Comparison is an endless cycle

> God doesn't grade on a curve; He grades on a cross

> God has rescued us through the person and work of Jesus

Our Scriptures:

> John 4:1-42

> Ephesians 6:12

> Colossians 1:21

> Romans 5:10

> 2 Corinthians 5:21

> Hebrews 4:15

> Matthew 22:36-40

Discussion Questions:

> How have you experienced the cycle of disappointment that occurs when you compare yourself to others?

> How have you experienced God's grace? In what ways have you shared it with others?

> What struggles in your life or in the life of others seem too sinful for Jesus to change?

> How does grace change the endless cycle of comparison?

Jesus > Religion

Tonight we started our 6 - week study on having a relationship with Jesus, not just a rule-based religion.

Session 1 was titled Jesus > Religion


> You Keep Coming After Me

> Glorious Day

Main Points:

> Christianity is not about us coming to God.  It's about God coming to us.

> Rules and institutions are beautiful when they are a response to a relationship

>  We all struggle.  We're all frail, broken, messed-up people.

> We're all looking to be known, to be loved, to have purpose.  Only Jesus can provide that.

Our Scriptures:

> Hebrews 3:1, 4:14, 7:27

> 1 Corinthians 3:16

> Revelation 21:22

> Psalm 32:9

> Isaiah 30:16

>John 1:14

> 1 Peter 2:24

> Ephesians 2:1

> Romans 3:10-12, 4:5, 7:18-19

Discussion Questions:

> What does being a christian mean to you?

>What earthly things have you placed your hope and happiness in?

> What is the danger of putting your hope in anyone or anything besides Jesus?

> Are you encouraged to hear that the Bible is full of broken, messed up people who were loved and changed by God's grace?

> Is your understanding of Christianity centered on religion or a relationship with Jesus?

Giver > Gift

Tonight we continue our study on having a relationship with Jesus, not just a rule-based religion.

Session 3 was titled Giver > Gift


> Enough 

Main Points:

> The root of sin in our lives is idolatry.

> Anything other than Jesus is an idol.

>  God is saying these things about idolatry because He wants to give us the most joy possible.

> When your hope and identity is in the Creator, true joy is found.

Our Scriptures:

> Romans 1:25, 8:35-29

> James 1:17

> Exodus 20:1-17

> John 10:10, 15:11

> Matthew 6:17-20, 12:28

> Ephesians 1:3

Discussion Questions:

> If everything in your life were taken away, would Jesus be enough?

> When do you most often focus on gifts instead of the Giver?

> How can you focus on the Giver instead of just gifts?

Covenant > Contract

Tonight we continue our study on having a relationship with Jesus, not just a rule-based religion.

Session 4 was titled Covenant > Contract


> Who You Say I Am

> Lord I Need You 

Main Points:

> A Covenant is about the promise, not the behavior.

> A contract is about the behavior, not the promise.

> To be a Christian is about identity, not activity. Activity flows from that identity.

> Coming to Jesus is the beginning of the road, not the end. 

> You are a child of the living God, under covenant, not contract.

Our Scriptures:

> Luke 15: 1-2, 11-32

> Matthew 23:23

> Romans 1:25

> Deuteronomy 7:9

> Genesis 3:8-9

Discussion Questions:

> Do you believe you are accepted and loved unconditionally by God as His child? Or do you live with the fear that one day He may give up on you?

> When have you experienced the grace of the Heavenly Father?

> How does understanding that you're a child under covenant, not under contract, change your view of God?

> List some ways you need Jesus each day.

> What was man's response to sin? God's response?

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