Scribes & Scripture

A Conference on the History and

Development of the Bible

Discover the amazing history of history’s most amazing book.

How did a set of books written in multiple languages by dozens of authors across thousands of years become the Bible we know and trust today? How were the books chosen? How well was the text hand copied and how is it translated into English?

Explore the answers to these questions and more with Scribes & Scripture, a series of talks on the history of the Bible for churches, college ministries, and other groups from Dr. John Meade and Dr. Peter Gurry.

The Conference will be held at First Baptist Church Loeb January 29th from 9 to 3.

The cost of the conference is $10 per person. 



Associate Professor of Old Testament at Phoenix Seminary

John teaches Old Testament language and literature courses along with Greek electives and Biblical Theology at Phoenix Seminary. He studied the textual history of the Greek and Hebrew Old Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he completed his MDiv and PhD. He is the Co-Director of Phoenix Seminary’s Text & Canon Institute, a contributor of the Hexapla Institute, and a member of Trinity Bible Church.



Assistant Professor of New Testament at Phoenix Seminary


Peter teaches courses in Greek Language and New Testament literature at Phoenix Seminary. He completed his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary and his PhD at the University of Cambridge where he studied the textual history of the New Testament. He is the Co-Director of Phoenix Seminary’s Text & Canon Institute and has worked with CSNTM and the Museum of the Bible. He is a member at Whitton Avenue Bible Church

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